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Localized Cover & Marketing Package:

  • Your center city designator on the front cover and your picture on the back cover.
  • Localized Cover (front/back), Localized Foreword and 2 Localized Ad Pages.
  • “How To” kit on marketing your book


  • One time setup fee of $545 (us dollars) + $18.50 (no minimum quanity required)
  • Can reorder as often as you like for just the cost of the books and shipping.

How to Order Your Package:

(Click Here to reorder books only.)

  1. Complete the information form on the right.
  2. Click “Go to Payment”
  3. Order your Localized Package AND as many copies you like.
    • You will find the copies order in the related products section when you go to payment.
  4. You will receive an email from a FASTSIGNS Marketing Department representative on next steps. He will assist you in creating your advetorials and foreward.


Q: Who do I contact if I have more questions about the program?
A: Deryl Cason – deryl.cason@fastsigns.com or call 800.827.7446 ext. 5789

Q: Can I review a proof before my local book goes to print?
A: Yes. After all your required assets (i.e. headshot; local ad page content) have been sent to the Marketing Department, your local cover and ad pages will be created. The lead time is approximately 15 business days for a proof.

Q: When will I receive my printed books?
A: Once the proofing process has been completed and finalized, the lead time is approximately 4 weeks for printing and shipping.

Q: Is shipping & freight included?
A: No. Shipping or freight will be added to your orders at the time of checkout. If you are located outside of the United States, your books will be sent through customs with the appropriate paperwork; however, you may be required to pay import or duty fees when your books arrive.

Q: Is there a required minimum order for books?
A: No. You can order as many books as you would like.

Q: How do I re-order my local book?
A: You will receive a re-ordering link for your local book. When you order, enter the correct shipping information. The books will be shipped directly to the address you provide.

Q: Can I resell my local book?
A: Yes, with a few stipulations (but we believe it is better used as a promotional and sales tool). • You can sell your books directly from your center; but the books cannot be sold on the Internet. • Royalties will be charged on the retail price of the book or the price charged to the buyer if discounted. 0 Contact your respective Business Consultant for the appropriate point of sale code.


Order Your Localized Book

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