Michel DuvalDirector of the Tahitian Pearl Market, Tahiti

We were told you were good, we had no idea. You have changed our business, changed the way we think and did it in the most delightful way.

Bob StevensonSales Manager, Tropicana

“You talked about wowing and then you wow’d us”

Bob RosenfeldDirector of Marketing, Lindt Chocolates

“I knew you were good but I had no idea how good. It was as if you have been in our business forever.”
Rick YagjianPresident of New England Division of Photo Marketing Association International

“Rick, you delivered as promised injecting common sense guidance with equal parts of humor and wit. They loved you.”
Sharon CoriglianoExecutive Director, The NATSO Association, National Association of Truck Stop Owners

“Your attention to retail, Rick, and the time you took to speak to our members speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication to the craft. You made an immense impact on our attendees as well.”
Timothy SullivanVice President of Human Resources, Daniel Jewelers

“Your ability to quickly and accurately personalize your program to our company was truly impressive. I told you we had a tough audience with big egos, yet you left them wanting more of you.”
Mickey MooreThe Texas Retail Association

“With more than 41 years in this business, I am skeptical of convention speakers. To my delight you blew them away. Your material was fresh, delivered with the perfect balance of humor and serious message. You spoke our language.”
Claudia HoseDirector of Marketing, Denver Merchandise Mart

“I never worry when you are here. You deliver. Thanks Rick.”
Bob CummingsStaples, General Manager

“Not only were we impressed with your presentation but also the time you took to meet everyone who attended. We look forward to working with you again.”
Joanna Nursey-BrayManager, New Market Expansion Program, Department of Regional Development, New South Wales, Australia

“I want to thank you for an absolutely fantastic job. Your 13 presentations in 13 different locations in New South Wales far exceeded our expectations and actually created a new standard for our Traveling Expert Program. We look forward to have you return to Australia ASAP!
The Jewelers Executive ConferenceThe Blairs

“Your closing presentation was the best we have ever had. You were like a stand-up comedian who delivered content in a way we will never forget.”
Gregg StewartPRSM Professional Retail Store Maintenance

“The overall attending ratings for your sessions were some of the best at the conference.”PRSM
Bill and Sharon BlairExecutive Directors, Nebraska, South Dakota Jewelers Association

“Rick, these are some of the comments from the evaluations (you received a 4.93 out of 5 AWESOME) we got after your presentation: ‘I could have listened to Rick for hours, this is the best speaker we have ever had, he was so funny he made my make-up run.”
Hope SilvermanDirector of Marketing for The Professional Apparel Association

“Your evaluations were spectacular, but I already knew that from the sounds of laughter and applause coming from your meeting room. 100% of the attendees said ‘bring him back’.”
Bill FowlerThe Federated Coop, Saskatchewan Canada

“Survey results show all but two people gave you a 5. What were they thinking? Great job!”FederatedCoop
Kathleen MoonDirector of Marketing, PGI Exhibitions for DEMA

“Rick, your evaluations were so high. You made the other speakers envious. Plan on coming back again and again (by the way I promise to get you a much better room next year).”
Jennifer FowlerExecutive Director of The Downtown Rock Island Arts and Entertainment District

“The humor, more importantly the information, woke me up not only physically but mentally as well. Your tips will change my business and your anecdotes were refreshing.”
Larry ShurPresident of All Baby and Child – ABC Kids Expo

“You did an excellent job. The response on your performance was tremendous.”
Lisa BurgeDirector of Programs, California Association of Nurserymen

“You never fail to make me feel good. You wow’d them.”
Melanie HodgesRetail Alliance, Norfolk, VA

“Your presentation was simply outstanding. We want you back.”
Thomas S. BarenboimNew England Chrysler-Plymouth Dealers

“Informative, enjoyable and very entertaining. You really do get your message across and it is done with great style and humor.”
Beth BullockRegional Marketing Manager, McDonald's Corporation

“The vote is in: Rick Segel was a welcome addition to our convention. By sharing your thoughts on life as a retailer you provided just what we were looking for. In addition, your street-smart style was a wake-up call for our managers and owner/operators”
Dale SleepyProject Manager Microsoft Retail Management Systems

“All we have been receiving is accolade after accolade on your performances for us. Great job! Your knowledge, professionalism, and the fun way you present are just terrific. You made me look good and the program is a big hit.”
Marian BoydState Coordinator, Main Street Arkansas

“Our Main Street executive and directors and the retailers who attended the presentation seemed to hang on your every word. You have a knack for giving good, realistic advice in an entertaining way.”

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