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“We have been extremely pleased with our purchase of the Rick Segel online training and the books that come with the training – “The Retail Sales Bible”. I would recommend it to any business who is interested in increasing their sales and making sure their sales staff is trained in the proper way to sell.”

Stages West Pidgeon Forge, TN

“The best sales training we have ever used.”

Feelin’ Groovy Enterprises

“Our people have loved the sales training on the site. It is very comprehensive and it shows real-life examples of the techniques. We especially love the exercises and tests each person has to complete. Definitely recommend this to everyone in retail.”

PHE International

The Retail Online Learning Center was created with the vision to provide great content at prices retails can actually afford. Think of it this way – we are your outsourced training department – one you can afford!

Here are the principles that guide ALL of our learning whether online or in person:

We believe learning is a “change in behavior.”
Its not enough to read it or hear it or watch it, you have to APPLY it

We believe in the Principles of Learning.
Readiness, Primacy, Intensity, Exercise, Effect

We believe retail is a profession, not a job.
Everything we put into our courses is designed to develop your career, not just your job.

We believe in the “rubbish” principle.
If you hire rubbish and put them through 100 hours of training – you end up with highly trained rubbish (even if its our training.) It starts with your hiring process.

We believe people don’t do things stupid on purpose.
Sure people do stupid things, ourselves included, but at the time you are making the decision, it was not to be stupid. In fact, you probably look back and say “what was I thinking?” Training can help.

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