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Look at your business in a whole new way. We have partnered with some of the leading service providers worldwide to create new and innovative ways to increase sales, increase margins, reduce expenses, and enhance your customer experience.

We accomplish these goals by combining retail experience, expertise, marketing prowess, and a complete team of professionals dedicated to helping you reach your goal.

“Your evaluations were spectacular, but I already knew that from the sounds of laughter and applause coming from your meeting room. 100% of the attendees said ‘bring him back’.”
Hope Silverman, Director of Marketing for The Professional Apparel Association
“Your presentation was simply outstanding. We want you back.”
Melanie Hodges, Retail Alliance, Norfolk, VA
“The best sales training we have ever used.”
Feelin Groovy Enterprises
“The humor, more importantly the information, woke me up not only physically but mentally as well. Your tips will change my business and your anecdotes were refreshing.”
Jennifer Fowler, Executive Director of The Downtown Rock Island Arts and Entertainment District
“Rick, you delivered as promised injecting common sense guidance with equal parts of humor and wit. They loved you.”
Rick Yagjian, President of New England Division of Photo Marketing Association International

1×1 Coaching That Personalized to Your Needs!

Rick Segel & Associates is constantly searching for ways to uncover hidden assets in a business, ways to differentiate itself from a crowded market place and move a business to the next level.

We set aside a small allotment of time slots for 1×1 coaching for your retail business. These will be weekly sessions to guide you through examining your current retail business and looking for ways to increase its Customer Experience.

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Reach the Next Level of Retailing for YOUR Business!

Rick Segel & Associates takes business to the next level by offering three levels of consulting services:

Level One: A Virtual Store Evaluation

Level Two: Retail Store Assessment

Level Three: In-Store Evaluation

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