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Specific House Publishing a wholly owned subsidiary of Rick Segel & Associates specializes in publishing products that enhance businesses. From reference books on retailing, to training material, to cook books for restaurants (a marketing must for every chef today), to vendor sponsored publications. Vendor-sponsored and or co-authored publications are designed to improve their client’s business and position the vendor as a true resource to their clients.

Specific House publishes experts in the area of business. Let Specific House Publishing help you create “expert” status for you. You will be surprised how easy the process can be, how professional it is, and how cost-effective a book-marketing initiative can be. It can transform your business, your positioning and you.

Every project is custom so let our experts start the process!

“Your evaluations were spectacular, but I already knew that from the sounds of laughter and applause coming from your meeting room. 100% of the attendees said ‘bring him back’.”
Hope Silverman, Director of Marketing for The Professional Apparel Association
“Your presentation was simply outstanding. We want you back.”
Melanie Hodges, Retail Alliance, Norfolk, VA
“The best sales training we have ever used.”
Feelin Groovy Enterprises
“The humor, more importantly the information, woke me up not only physically but mentally as well. Your tips will change my business and your anecdotes were refreshing.”
Jennifer Fowler, Executive Director of The Downtown Rock Island Arts and Entertainment District
“Rick, you delivered as promised injecting common sense guidance with equal parts of humor and wit. They loved you.”
Rick Yagjian, President of New England Division of Photo Marketing Association International

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