The Year of the Referral – Or “Joe Sent Me” on Steroids

A reader wrote in last week about an experience she had with a company called Service Magic. For those who aren’t familiar with the company, it is a referral service for home improvement people. If you need a carpenter, a contractor, an electrician, or a plumber, they will refer you to their network of businesses. …Continue Reading »

WARNING: Holiday Retail Sales Reports are ALL MISLEADING & INACCURATE

I am mad as Hell and I am not going to listen to the misleading trash anymore. We have all heard the reports about Christmas sales. All of the news services and research firms are reporting that 2007 had the smallest gain in retail sales in 5 years of only 3.6%. Then the number is …Continue Reading »

Recommended Article: How You Can Gain Power From the Cloud

When humans first began selling goods and services in a marketplace, transactions were mostly local. It took centuries for advances in transportation and communication to expand the realm of commerce beyond the village. But it has taken only a few years for the marketplace to expand from global to virtual. Today, virtual markets thrive, empowered …Continue Reading »

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