Employee Appreciation: Baby Gifts to Lessen Absenteeism

A major life event for an employee can affect her attendance. While having a baby fills parents with new-found joy, all new parents struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Lack of sleep can take a toll on an employee and can result in a few extra days taken off here and there—missed days your company can ill-afford.

A recent BabyCenter survey concluded that lack of sleep is the number one problem new parents face. Sleep deprivation can lead to increased incidence of illness, postpartum depression and marital strife. All issues which can impact employee productivity and attendance.

What kind of gifts show appreciation and help an employee transition to parenthood while minimizing the impact to their job and your retail store? Here are three gifts that will work.

Swaddling BlanketsThe Rose - Hi Rez

A useful gift for a new parent is a swaddling blanket. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that providing a correctly gentle supportive swaddle will effectively help the newborn get to sleep, and using swaddling blankets is an excellent way to transition a newborn to the world from the security of the womb.

SwaddleDesigns offers a wonderful assortment of swaddling blankets. Created by a nurse, SwaddleDesigns is known for stylish designs, premium quality and helpful labels that are designed to help new parents. Their large Ultimate Swaddle blankets are made of premium, 100 percent cotton flannel that is breathable and very soft, perfect for moderate and cooler environments. Their lightweight marquisette and muslin swaddles are perfect for warmer days and nights.

It is important for parents to learn safe sleep practices and how to securely swaddle their baby. SwaddleDesigns swaddling blankets feature easy 123 Swaddle instructions that illustrate how to swaddle, and the instructions are conveniently sewn directly on the edge of the blanket. As an additional bonus, the blankets feature the SwaddleClub, which can be accessed by scanning a QR code with a smartphone. The SwaddleClub helpful resources include free full-length white noise, safe sleep info, and baby care videos and tips. When mom and dad learn how to swaddle, the whole family can get more sleep.

The swaddling blankets are available online, and many retailers including Target stores.

Teething Toys

One big-time sleep deterrent for the whole family is when a baby starts to teethe. Teething rings work wonderfully, but now new teething toys have been developed that help the pain by gently massaging and soothing sore gums.

Consider giving the gift of a RazBaby Raz-Berry Teether. The bumpy texture soothes the gums as a baby chews, but perhaps the best feature of the silicon teether is that it’s shaped liked a pacifier. Parents can stick it in the refrigerator for added coolness to soothe teething pain.

The Baby Shusher

The Baby Shusher is a parent-founded, doctor-approved tool to help any baby fall asleep or stop crying, anywhere, anytime. The device reminds a newborn of being inside her mother.

It’s a gadget that is around six-inches tall, weighs a bit over six ounces, and takes two AA batteries. The Baby Shusher emits a shushing sound, much like the sounds that a newborn heard while in the womb—various utero noises and the loud sounds of blood flow.

The Baby Shusher gives parents two timing options (15 or 30 minutes) so that they can have control on how long the rhythmic noise plays. Parents have complete volume control and the device is portable so new parents can take it anywhere they want to.

Parents all over the world who use the Baby Shusher guarantee the effectiveness of the tool. If a parent and a baby need to sleep, this is the go-to gadget


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