Top 5 Mistakes Retailers Make When Placing Signs and Visual Graphics

Guest Post: Clint Ehlers, owner of two FASTSIGNS® centers in Lancaster and Willow Grove, PA) 

Retail store signs and visual graphics have a great and immediate impact on customers finding and purchasing what they want. It’s estimated that 70% of a customer’s buying decision happens at the point of sale (at the shelf, cash register, etc.). Signage, …Continue Reading »

How 3 Companies Use Signs and Visual Graphics to Sell More

Every day, businesses have opportunities to extend their brand in many ways.  One of the most controllable ways a retailer or restaurant can do this is through signs and visual graphics. This might mean adding a new point of purchase sign for featured products or updating menu boards with digital displays to engage customers. In …Continue Reading »

5 Great Places to Put Signs and Visual Graphics in Retail

Guest Post: Greg Shugarts, owner of FASTSIGNS® of Kirkland, WA

Smart retailers and restaurateurs use signs and visual graphics to communicate with customers and reinforce their brand’s personality. Deciding where to place the signs and graphics is just as important as the message itself. When customers feel welcome and know how to find their way, they’ll …Continue Reading »

5 Questions to Answer Before You Create Your Signage Plan

By Laurie Sigillito, Owner of FASTSIGNS® in Durango, Colorado

As a retailer, you want to incorporate signs and visual graphics that make a difference in your store. Whether you want to promote sale items, help people find their way around or just set your store or restaurant apart from the rest, you need clear and impactful …Continue Reading »

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