Recommended Article: How Employee Recognition Awards Can Help Boost Office Morale

Office moral is often a sticking point for employers. It takes only one person to completely trash the moral of everyone in the office. If the office is small, it could even affect the employers. You may not want to fire the person causing the poor morale because he or she is an excellent worker. …Continue Reading »

Recommended Article: Incentives Vs. Recognition: How Do You Get Your Workers Engaged Again?

It depends on what your goals are, strategic or tactical.

It takes two to tango. These days, however, many chief executive officers worry they may be dancing alone with their employees standing idle on the sidelines. The recession has pummeled employee engagement, and poor employee morale has left CEOs feeling out of step with their workforce. …Continue Reading »

Recommended Article: Why Do We Suck at Giving Recognition?

Key Point: Most of us, according to research on the topic, aren’t great at effectively and consistently giving recognition to one another. J.D. Power,the well-known research firm, highlights that workers rate the importance of recognition as a key consideration for being valued and engaged, (see graph below). Yet the best behavior practice (according to Achievers), is …Continue Reading »

Recommended Article: Maximizing Results with Reward and Recognition

Does reward and recognition work? Want to learn how to squeeze that little bit extra out of people? Improve performance and increase results, read on to learn how…

There are varied opinions about giving reward and recognition. Some will say “Why should I have to further reward my people with perks, gifts, bonuses or cash incentives?” …Continue Reading »

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