4 Tools to Get a More Productive Sales Force

If you’re a business owner, yours sales people are your bread and butter. When your sales people don’t close deals, you don’t make money. When your sales people close deals but take a lot of time to do it, you could be leaving money on the table. Here are four tools that will ensure a more productive sales force.

Lead Generation Services

From customers who say “I’ll be back” to the endless ways of trying to drum up potential leads to tracking when to call potential customers, there’s a lot of time spent just setting a possible deal in motion. This is where lead generation services come in.Productivity Tools

To generate leads, these services pull out all the stops. SEO, live chat, promotions, appointment setting, press releases and more will give your salespeople the leads they need. Look for a service that is designed specifically for your industry. QuoteWizard, for example, is one of the largest lead generating services for private insurance companies in the United States. Check out a lead generating service’s demo for your particular verticle to see how it works.

Lead Management

Have you ever really looked to see how long it takes for one of your salespeople to call a possible lead back? What about qualifying a lead? How many times does your sales person try to reach the potential customer?

Even with mass marketing, only 27 percent of leads actually spoke to a salesperson that followed up, reports Forbes. Up to 64 percent of leads didn’t get a call back at all. Your salesperson may be burning the midnight oil trying to take care of leads, but if he can’t keep track of the contacts, you’re losing money.

That’s where lead management comes in. A lead management service will scour the Internet and give your salespeople leads from places like trade shows, seminars, and other targeted campaigns. It will customize leads according to your guidelines, and analyze all data. Best of all, a lead management company will qualify a lead, which makes the job of a sales person so much easier. Managing leads in this way will save money and time that could be used generating revenue.

Sales Engagement Platforms

SEP companies like ClearSlide offer Web conferencing with one click, help your salespeople send customized links to relevant content, and provide a complete mobile connect package so that, no matter where a salesperson is, she can see how long a potential customer looked at a presentation and more. In addition, they provide a library of approved content, as well as analytics. Note that these are just some of the tasks performed by an SEP service.

The Sales Cloud

You can also have your salespeople do business in the cloud. With a platform such as Salesforce, your own sales force can accelerate sales, automate business processes, integrate email marketing more efficiently with the current email database, sync and share files, and more. In addition, the cloud can help manage all of a sales team’s deals with a potential client so everybody is up-to-date on how to close the deal. It also manages sales performance in real time.

No matter what type of company you own, you will always benefit from sales tools to accelerate the sale. These types of services give a whole new meaning to the term, “Assume the sale.” By using these types of tools, you will guarantee your peace of mind. Help your company generate revenue by investing in any of these tools to help your salespeople do what they do best. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll be content in knowing that your sales force is being utilized as it should be.

Copyright 2014, Matthew Hudson & Rick Segel are award-winning retailers and authors of over 20 books on retail, sales and marketing.

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